Eurostar (Unreleased Versions 24th June 2016)

by Si Begg



I recorded these songs back in 2001 / 2002 when the Eurostar felt new and exciting and mainland Europe suddenly felt a lot closer. Most of my gigs were outside of the UK and I loved visiting different cities, sharing my love of stupid electronic noise.

The live set was recorded at the Eurosonic festival in Holland and was particularly special for me as John Peel was in the audience (it was one of his favourite festivals I gather.) We went out for a lovely dinner with John and his wife Sheila afterwards and talked electronic music, red wine, Radio One Roadshows, the future of music and how disappointing it was I wasn't really that into football.

Whatever this EU Referendum decision means for the future and whichever way you voted, we are part of Europe. Stating the obvious here, but it's in our language, our heritage, our culture, our food, our genes and our politics.

This is a good thing.


released June 24, 2016



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